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This website provides a brief overview of our products and explains our commitment to producing environmentally ?friendly products.


Eco-heart-S Libra series
Our clients expect, and Miyako Printing Ink assures, eco-friendly ink of the highest quality, delivered in a timely manner.


Miyako Printing Ink takes seriously its responsibility to society to produce environmentally-sensitive products. This is especially true of our soy-ink, Eco-mark and NL-regulated products. Soy-ink: Derived from soy oil, this energy-saving ink is rapidly becoming a mainstay of the printing world. Libra QFD 100-non VOC product: Containing no Oil-Based Solvents and no Volatile Organic Compounds, the Libra QFD 100 is Miyako Printing Ink’s most environmentally-friendly product. Eco-mark products: These products meet the criteria set by the Japan Environment Association as contributing to environmental preservation and conservation. Our Eco-mark products contain low levels of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), are designed to be energy-efficient and minimize chemical discharge both in operation and at time of disposal. NL-Regulated Products: Miyako Printing Ink products adhere to Japan Printing Ink Association’s system of voluntary restrictions and regulations on printing ink for food packing materials. The system is designed to preserve and ensure food safety, as well as hygiene.

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Commitment to Providing High-Value Products that exceed expectations

Miyako Printing Ink was founded in Osaka in 1948 and now has over a half-century’s experience in producing printing ink. Miyako Printing Ink is grateful for the continued support of its loyal customers.
The printing industry is changing. In the past, low-cost, superior-clarity printing products were a priority. Today, however, the printing industry must provide value that exceeds the expectations of the past. Our product design and sales divisions are striving to develop products that satisfy these expectations. Our soy-ink products exemplify our commitment to meeting the ever-growing demands for ecologically-sensitive products. Miyako Printing Ink takes seriously its commitment to corporate citizenship and responsibility. Our commitment to ethical business practices and standards of conduct go hand-in-hand with our commitment to providing continuous improvement in our performance.

In 2000, Miyako Printing Ink received the ISO 9001 accreditation. Our Quality Control division is continually striving to offer improved performance and reliability for our products.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

A dedicated, energetic, professional workforce ensures superior productivity and efficiency and provides exceptional service and support to our corporate stakeholders. We aim to be responsive to the needs of our customers, while fulfilling our commitment to sustaining the environment and our obligation to maintaining corporate responsibility to society.

Corporate Overview

Company name Miyako Pinting Ink Co.,Ltd
Address for the Head office and factory
1-7-13 Hanaten Higashi, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka City, Osaka 538-0044

Tokyo Office Phone: 03-6456-0525
Fax: 03-6456-0526

Founded: December 23, 1948
Established: September 15, 1965

Capital: 30 million yen
Number of employees: 63
(Head office: the general affairs department/sales division/technical and manufacturing division 55 employees/Tokyo Office: the general affairs department/sales division 8 employees)

Line of Business Manufacture, sale and export of printing ink and printing materials Sale of machines related to printing

ISO Obtained ISO9001 certification (1994), August 2000
Obtained ISO9001 certification (2000) ,July 2003

Number of Clients : about 2000
Miyako Printing Ink’s Bank:
Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Hanaten Branch
Tottori Bank Osaka Branch
Risona Bank Miyakojima Branch
Chusho kigyou Kinyukoko Osaka Branch


Company founded as a General Partnership Company in Miyakojima-ku, December 1948 Opened second factory in Hanaten, Tsurumi-ku (where the company is currently located), March 1958
Set up sales office in Tokyo, June 1963
Established as Miyako Printing Ink Co.,Ltd, September 1965
Capital: 10 million yen
Capital increased to 15 million yen ,April 1981
Head office and factory moved to Tsurumi-ku from Miyakojima-ku, January 1984
Tokyo sales office renovated, November 1989
Capital increased to 30 million yen, July 1991
Bought additional property to improve its facility, December 1992
Established new factory in Joto-ku, Osaka as Osaka Factory, June 1997
Obtained ISO 9001 (1994) certification for all the business and offices, August 2000
Established main factory combined with Osaka Factory, August 2002
Obtained ISO9001 (2000) certification for all the business and offices, July 2003
Started business tie-up with Rycorosos Chemical Japan Co..,Ltd, December 2008