Message from the President

Kunio Harada President and CEOMiyako Printing Ink was founded here in Osaka in 1948 as a manufacturer and vendor of printing inks, and thus has a history ofover half a century. After prevailing through the chaos of Japan’s postwar years, Miyako Printing Ink has overcome challenges in each successive era, thanks as always to the steadfast support of the Company’s stakeholders.

Today the printing-ink industry, which of course includes Miyako Printing Ink, is at a crossroads. In the past, our customers demanded inks that were reasonably priced, beautiful and dependable. In the current era, customers require products that are not only excellent value, but also environmentally friendly.

The Production Department and Sales Department of Miyako Printing Ink began working closely onthis issue from an early stage. We strove to develop products of low environmental impact, such asour soy inks.

To ensure that everyone can use Miyako Printing Ink products with peace of mind, the Company undertook numerous measures to assure a stable supply of outstanding products. We reorganized, obtained ISO 9001 certification in 2000, and established a Quality Assurance Section specializing in quality control. While we remain a small organization, we look forward to further growth and advancement backed by your ongoing guidance and encouragement.

Kunio Harada
President and CEO