Ecoheart S NU Dry

Waterless printing eliminates the need for moistening water, which is a destabilizing factor in printing. Elimination of moisture facilitates standardization of quality control, reducing preparation time and enabling faster startup.
Because the ink doesn’t emulsify, dot reproduction is excellent and fanning-out is reduced, resulting in sharp, great-looking print results.
No waste liquid is produced in either the reproduction or the printing process, so this series benefits society by reducing emissions of volatile organic chemicals.

Features of NU Dry

  • ・High greasing resistance and excellent ease of handling deliver print products of outstanding inking property and gloss.
  • ・Good on-printer stability
  • ・Good drying performance
  • ・Good wear resistance

☆NU Dry satisfies numerous environmental guidelines, including certification with the Ink Green Mark for its biomass ratio and the Vegetable Mark for its use of vegetable oils.
☆These inks are produced in accordance with the Autonomous Regulations on Printing Ink of the Japan Printing Ink Makers Association (NL Regulations).
☆Companies and print products that use waterless printing in their environmental protection measures are authorized to use the Butterfly Mark of the Waterless Printing Association (WPA).


Product name Serial number
Ecoheart S NU Dry Process Series I-40-01
Ecoheart S NU Dry Series I-41-00