List of SDSs

SDS(Safety Date Sheet)

The safety data sheet (SDS) system was instituted to encourage businesses to manage chemical substances appropriately and to improve such management. Before one business operator entrusts or transfers to another business operator a “chemical substance or product including a chemical substance” as designated under the Chemical Management Act (“chemical product”), the transferring business operator is obligated to provide the receiving business operator with information on the properties of the chemical product and how to handle it, by means of a Chemical Management Act SDS. The SDS system also encourages operators to display this information on product labels.
You can download SDSs (PDF format) for products handled by Miyako Printing Ink from this page.

※Note: Until 2011, the term for “SDS” in Japan was “material safety data sheet” (MSDS). For consistency with international usage, the term “SDS” was adopted, using the definition in the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). The term “SDS” is also used in JIS Z7253, the Japanese industrial standard which provides a common platform for the transfer of information based on GHS.

Ink SDSs

Product name Serial number
Ecoheart S Libra QFD Series I-01-06
Ecoheart S Libra TW QFD Series I-01-05TW
Ecoheart S Libra BZ QFD Series I-01B-01
Ecoheart S Libra QFD P Reduction Series I-01P-01
Ecoheart S Libra NEW KUNIO INK Series I-30-01
NU Mcure UV Waterless LED Process Series I-04MNL-00
NU Mcure UV Series I-04-04
NU Mcure UV HS OP Varnish I-04HSOP-01
Ecoheart S NU Dry Process Series I-40-01
Ecoheart S NU Dry Series I-41-00
Ecoheart S Carton Success Process TP Series I-10TP-00
Ecoheart S Carton Success Series I-10-04
Ecoheart S Carton Success Wear-resistant OP Varnish I-15-02
Ecoheart S Carton Success Super-wear-resistant OP Varnish I-15K-01
Ecoheart S Carton Success High-gloss OP Varnish I-15HG-01
Ecoheart S Carton Success New Matte OP Varnish I-09-04
Ecoheart S Vigorus Series I-02-07
Ecoheart S Vigorus Desensitization-resistant Ink Series I-02GV-04
Ecoheart S CM Ace Series I-20-01
Ecoheart S CM Ace Desensitization-resistant Ink Series I-20GC-02
Ecoheart W Web Vigorus Series I-03-06
Perfect Series I-05-03

Other SDSs

Product name Serial number
NU Dryer Z-116-00
M Dryer Z-106-02
M Compound Z-101-02
B Compound Z-54-03
KZ Compound Z-105-01
Wear-resistant Compound Z-115-01
Megacompound Z-109-02
Almighty Desensitization Checker Z-88-06
Dry Checker Z-56-05
Powerful Dry Checker Z-561-04
New wiper Z-66-04
Magic rinse Z-53-05
CLC Chain spray plus Z-PA600N-01
UV Reducer Z-131-00