Product Guide

The original Miyako Printing Ink product lineup. These inks for applications such as packaging feature reduced ink odor.
NU Mcure UVNU Mcure UV
UV curing inks. These inks cure instantly when exposed to ultraviolet light.
Ecoheart S LibraEcoheart S Libra
These inks achieve a perfect balance of high quality, short delivery lead time and environment-friendly performance.
Ecoheart S NU DryEcoheart S NU Dry
Generating no waste liquid in film-developing and printing processes, these waterless printing inks reduce environmental impact in various ways, including by reducing emissions of volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
Ecoheart S Carton SuccessEcoheart S Carton Success
These printing inks are optimized for cardboard and paper containers.
Ecoheart S VigorusEcoheart S Vigorus
This line of environmentally friendly offset paper inks is versatile and available in a rich array of colors.
Ecoheart S CM AceEcoheart S CM Ace
These inks are for use on fully non-skin-type, non-coated papers.
Ecoheart W Web VigorusEcoheart W Web Vigorus
These rotary offset, heat-setting printing inks are environmentally friendly and suitable for a wide range of paper qualities, from luxury coated papers to high- and medium-grade papers.