Ecoheart S Libra

Today’s printers require inks with a perfect balance of high quality, quick delivery and environmental performance.
The Ecoheart Libra QFD Series satisfies those needs.


General-purpose types
Libra QFD Series
For high emulsification
Libra TW QFD Series
For 8-color printing
Libra QFD 8 Series
Libra NU QFD Series
Reduced powderspray
Libra BZ Series  Libra P Reduction Series

☆These inks satisfy a number of environmental guidelines. They are certified with the Ink Green Mark, an index of environmentally friendly materials, for their biomass content, and conform to the Vegetable Mark standard.
☆These inks are produced in accordance with the Autonomous Regulations on Printing Ink of the Japan Printing Ink Makers Association (NL Regulations).

Libra QFD Series SDS

Product name Serial number
Ecoheart S Libra QFD Series I-01-06
Ecoheart S Libra TW QFD Series I-01-05TW
Ecoheart S Libra BZ QFD Series I-01B-01
Ecoheart S Libra QFD P Reduction Series I-01P-01